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Keeping a shiny diamond shiny.

Keeping a shiny diamond shiny.

Keeping a shiny diamond shiny. A single fingerprint will reduce a diamond brilliance by 40%. After you clean your diamond using a little brush to brush underneath it to remove any handcream or soap. Rinse it and put it on by holding the side of the ring and don’t put your finger on the top of the ring so you will continue to shine. When you put on your diamond stud earrings you have to touch them; use a Q-tip with a little rubbing alcohol dab it on the diamond and it will zap the fingerprint oil away so you will shine. When cleaning gems using an ultrasonic remember red white and blue, rubies diamonds and sapphires are stable in an ultrasonic cleaner, emeralds, pearls and opals should be cleaned with a soft cloth without heat or vibration. Opal should be soaked in distilled water overnight, this will keep the opal durable.

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