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My father’s ring

My father’s ring

HS Foster Jewelry LLC States that the general public buying, selling and owning fine jewelry is a recent phenomenon in human history. before the last century jewelry was reserved for royalty and the rich. We have not passed enough generations to truly embrace the wonder and power that inherited diamonds and jewelry bring to the owner of the piece. I'm here to tell you the story of my fathers ring pictured in this post. I bought this ring when I worked at Litwin jewelers in Middletown, Ohio in the year 1981. This was my first managers position at the age of 21. I found remnants of a diamond grading set that was used to grade diamonds before the cubic zirconia that is commonly used now. With permission I purchased this internally flawless F color diamond. I chose this mounting and presented it to my father, my namesake Harold Foster. I received this ring back after July 3rd 2001 from my mother, whose heart was broken from the passing of her husband of 50 years and our dear father. Interesting is that after establishing myself as a jewelry professional I wasn't known to wear jewelry. I remember being blasted by a pretty well know speaker in the jewelry industry for whom I was attending his seminar. He couldn't believe I wasn't wearing any jewelry. I told him there wasn't anyone on the planet that understood the power of diamonds and jewelry as a gift than me. Now as I sit in my office and it's quiet and my work is finished I bring out my fathers ring and hold in my hand, run my fingers across the mounting and it brings me great joy and a full heart knowing that my father held this ring in his hands. Diamonds will be here forever, they don't oxidize or fall apart, so don't rob someone from holding and cherishing a piece of treasure that can't have a value put on it. Buy a piece of jewelry that someone can sit down and write a story like this without laboring over what to say. This story is mine and now it's yours so don't waste it. Buy a diamond now for a loved one, have a line from your favorite song laser inscribed on the girdle so your family generations from now can be dazzled and amazed how long your love story as been shared. My fathers ring, December 16th 2019. Harold "Steve" Foster.

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