HS Foster Jewelry LLC Gold will always sell

HS Foster Jewelry LLC

There will always be a demand for gold. In 1980 in the first quarter gold shot up to $800 an ounce, I can remember the discussion that, oh no, we’ll never sell a gold item again. Fact is we sold more gold. A few months later gold dropped and crashed down to $300 to $500, Same reaction, oh no, we’ll never sell gold again. Fact is we sold more gold! The precious metal being in the market and being so desired for its wearability and value that whenever the price went up or went down as long as Gold was in the news, it’s always in the news, it will be selling. If it cost more you just might get a little less gold for the money but then people will appreciate wow gold is expensive. The Rolex president when I first started the industry was below $8,000 then when it went over 10,000 we thought that’s it no more selling Rolex presidential‘s. And then the watch went to 17,000, the watch went to 20,000 and then 28,000 for a base model. People still bought the watch so jewelry is a wonderful thing, again I call for you to buy a piece of treasure for someone you love. Let future generations enjoy the magic of a valuable heirloom item that will last through the years. Harold “Steve” Foster. hsfosterjewelry.com


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